Levels of Hawaii volcano lava lake drop, threatening pressure build-up

Levels of Hawaii volcano lava lake drop, threatening pressure build-up

Kerry Wise
May 10, 2018

Kilauea, the U.S. state's most lively volcano, erupted on Thursday, and lava flows from its jap flank have destroyed no less than 36 properties and different buildings and brought about the evacuation of about 2,000 residents.

Those forces would emit "ballistic projectiles" - as small as pebbles or weighing up to several tonnes.

A wide area could be potentially impacted by the thermal region outlined by the USGS as a high danger zone, according to Maiclaire Bolton-Smith, senior leader of research and content strategy for Irvine, Calif. -based catastrophe modeler CoreLogic.

Governor David Ige has asked President Donald Trump to issue a disaster declaration for Hawaii as a result of the ongoing earthquakes and volcano eruption, according to a press release.

Hawaii County Civil Defense said county, state and federal partners would continue to monitor the situation and inform the public should further safety concerns arise. More earthquakes and eruptions have been forecast, perhaps for months to come.

A small quake may have caused rockfalls into the crater and prompted an explosion from the lava lake surface that shot projectiles out of the rim, said Tina Neal, the scientist in charge of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

The fumes from the lava form a volcanic fog, which spreads far from the eruption. Sulfur dioxide is one of many poisonous gases erupting volcanoes discharge, and it is a potential killer.

While there are sometimes some rather dramatic ideas of acid rain burning like battery acid, the slightly acidic water that falls from these clouds feels like any other rain shower, and is not immediately unsafe.

But it adds: "There's been no clear evidence that vog causes lingering damage to normally healthy individuals".

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University of Hawaii Meteorologist Steven Businger said there's no serious health risk with acid rain for most residents, because it's not concentrated enough to cause harm.

What are the effects of acid rain? Officials say acid rain may pose a risk for nearby residents this week. "The plants are affected by it pretty substantially in that it is an acid falling onto the plants". When water vapor turns into rain and passes through that sulfuric acid in the air, the product is acid rain.

Lastly, the rain can contaminate drinking water supplies.

That includes rooftop rainwater-catchment systems that Hawaii residents use for drinking water.

If it happens to rain while vog is lingering over an area, the sulphuric acid particles will join other condensation nuclei in producing cloud droplets, which can then be caught up in rain formation, and produce acid rain. "Tests confirmed that the blood of some residents of these homes had elevated lead levels". The roads are having cracks due to the earthquakes and the lava is finding its way out from the cracks.

Local authorities said dozens of people evacuated from the southeast end of the island in and around Leilani Estates remained at shelters Wednesday.

The agency reported that 104 acres are now covered in lava and a total of 36 structures had been destroyed.

He said the Puna Geothermal Venture plant has about 50,000 gallons of pentane on site.