Trump floats inter-Korean border as possible venue for Kim meeting

Trump floats inter-Korean border as possible venue for Kim meeting

Kerry Wise
May 1, 2018

Last Friday, Kim became the first North Korean leader to set foot in South Korea when he crossed the border to shake the hand of South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

President Trump took credit for their peace treaty at his rally in Michigan Saturday night.

"President Moon of South Korea for example has been very clear that but for the pressure, the economic pressure, the political military pressure that President Trump has put on North Korea, we would not be where we are today", Mr. Bolton said.

"Kim Jong Un, who has been very open and very straightforward so far - I can only say, again, so far".

President Moon Jae-in made the comment in a cabinet meeting.

When he returned in the afternoon, the leaders took part in a ceremony consisting of the planting of a pine tree using soil and water from both countries.

The meeting - the first between Korean leaders in more than a decade - is seen as a step toward possible peace on the peninsula and marks the first summit of its kind for Mr Kim.

South Korea is banking on a strategy of shameless flattery to get what it wants from President Trump.

Trump has relied on somewhat unorthodox methods when it comes to fighting for peace and denuclearization in the Korean peninsula.

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The Nobel Peace Prize is one of six awards announced annually in October by the Norwegian-based Nobel Committee. If Moon has to earn a Nobel Prize in flattery to achieve this goal, so be it.

Mr Trump is preparing for his own summit with North Korea, suggesting that it might be held in a truce village that straddles the border separating the two Koreas.

"With all of the failed "experts" weighing in, right now if I wasn't firm, strong and willing to commit our total "might" against the North", he wrote on Twitter in January.

President Trump said he won't accept less than "full denuclearization".

"Maybe it will be wonderful".

"During his New Year press conference in Seoul, the South Korean president praised Trump personally for his role in "(making) inter-Korean talks happen" and expressed his gratitude.

"If it's not a success, I will respectfully leave", Trump concluded.

That would be accompanied by a "full, complete, total disclosure of everything related to their nuclear program with a full global verification", said John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump's new national security adviser.