FAA to order fan blade inspections

FAA to order fan blade inspections

Troy Powers
April 21, 2018

She later died, and seven others were injured. She died at a hospital from blunt trauma of the head, neck and torso, a spokesman with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Wednesday it would order inspections of certain jet engines after this week's incident.

Needum and his family were among the 149 people onboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 as it left LaGuardia Airport in NY bound for Dallas Love Field. The engine debris shattered a window on the Boeing 737 plane, killing a passenger - the first death in a US airline accident since 2009. "We are not conducting media interviews and we ask that the public and the media respect our focus", the statement said.

Sumwalt said a first look showed there was evidence of metal fatigue where the blade attached to a hub.

Sumwalt said he could not yet say if the incident, the first deadly airline accident in the United States since 2009, pointed to a fleet-wide issue in the Boeing 737-700.

"I just remember holding my husband's hand, and we just prayed and prayed and prayed", said passenger Amanda Bourman of NY. They requested vectors to the nearest suitable airport and were promptly vectored, cleared directly to the Philadelphia National Airport...now at about the same location as the event unfolded, later someone found a Southwest Airlines engine cowling at Burnville, Pennsylvania.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said that the failed engine had reached 40,000 cycles and that it had been overhauled, as is routine, after reaching 30,000 cycles.

The Boeing 737 is the world's most-sold aircraft and its engines - supplied by a joint-venture co-owned by General Electric and France's Safran called CFM International - are the most widely used in the aircraft industry and are reported to be among the most reliable.

Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the NTSB, said the unsafe kind of engine breakup that occurred Tuesday - called an uncontained failure because pieces were shot out like shrapnel - should not have happened.

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Sumwalt says the leading edge of the left wing suffered damage after the plane blew an engine.

"The last [engine problem] was two years ago", he said Wednesday on " Power Lunch".

Riordan was sitting on the left side of the plane when something in the engine apparently broke and smacked into the window.

Passengers scrambled to save the woman from getting sucked out the window that had been smashed by debris.

"Jennifer always kept in touch, with pictures and just kept us abreast so we felt like we were a part of their family even though they were so far away from us", said Riordan.

After landing the plane with 149 people aboard, passengers praised the flight team who got them safely on the ground.

Passengers pulled Jennifer Riordan's upper body back into the cabin and started CPR. During the incident, he logged on to the in-flight Wi-Fi to send messages to his family.

Passengers were able to pull her back in the plane, but she didn't make it.

Boeing in a statement extended its condolences to the family of the woman killed, and said it is "providing assistance at the request and under the direction" of the NTSB.