Is Cardi B having a baby girl?

Is Cardi B having a baby girl?

Darren Sullivan
April 11, 2018

After facing backlash on social media, DJ Self chose to speak out on Instagram, "Any artist that chooses to do something positive with their life should never be discouraged and any future music moguls, I know this world is full of trolls".

"Yeah, she was..." the "Be Careful" rapped responded.

The expectant mother turned to Instagram to thank her supporters.

After tweeting "Cardi B is 2pac" over the weekend, Punch has elaborated on his comparison in an op-ed for DJ Booth.

Someone has said that Cardi B is her own personal hype man, and that is definitely an accurate depiction of what "Invasion of Privacy" offers. I just didn't want to.

Her baby will have not just one, but two cribs, as the rapper reportedly purchased an Incy Ellie rose gold crib as well.

John Oliver calls Sinclair anchors 'members of a brainwashed cult'
The video reveals dozens of TV news anchors reciting the exact same script warning against "biased and false news". That's the goal of these announcements: "to reiterate our commitment to reporting facts in the pursuit of truth".

Check out a few clips of Cardi B co-hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below. Cardi B seemed to catch herself, as she hung on her answer momentarily before trailing off. I'm too shy. When I met Beyonce, people be like, "How that felt?"

"When I was 16 years old, I used to hang out with a lot of..." According to reports on, Cardi B's sister, Hennessy Carolina, took to Instagram to share how excited she is about the pregnancy. Why do I have to choose a career or a baby?'"I don't want to wait until I'm 30-something to have a kid. I know that a lot of people can not afford expensive s**t, nobody got no $500 or $400 for a damn shirt and sweatsuit". He went to her profile to send his well-wishes, which Cardi B highlighted.

"Why can't I have both?" she told hosts Ebro and Laura Stylez.

She has also been the most reliable hip-hop guest star of the last 12 months, with appearances on G-Eazy's "No Limit", Migos's "MotorSport", Ozuna's "La Modelo" and the remix of Bruno Mars's "Finesse" - she has yet to release a dud. I feel like I've given everybody everything they've ever wanted.

Although there may have been some doubts early on, Cardi B has apparently embraced being pregnant.