Trump Ignores Advice to 'DO NOT CONGRATULATE' Putin

Trump Ignores Advice to 'DO NOT CONGRATULATE' Putin

Kerry Wise
March 22, 2018

"I'm not aware that that came up specifically", she said.

While many U.S. officials suggest a working relationship with Russian Federation would be a positive thing for the U.S., Sen.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., expressed disdain over Trump's call with Putin. On the heels of Putin publicly bragging about Russian Federation having new nuclear weapons that could overcome United States missile defenses, it's not hard to see how Trump's line of thinking could lead directly to an arms race.

McCain has previously called Putin a murderer and a thug.

Trump, who made no mention of the sanctions or the attempted attacks on USA utilities, has publicly called for warmer relations with Russian Federation and consistently discounts the US intelligence community's unanimous assessment that the Kremlin tried to weigh the 2016 election in his favor.

"And by doing so with Vladimir Putin, President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election".

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Mr. Trump noted that his administration was spending $700 billion to upgrade the American military, and said he would never allow Russian Federation, or any other country, to approach its military might. "I'm always reminded of the election they used to have in nearly every communist country where whoever the dictator was at the moment always got huge percentage of the vote".

The Kremlin said in a statement that the two presidents also spoke about the need to "coordinate efforts to limit the arms race" and closer cooperation on strategic stability and counter-terrorism. Other issues that will be discussed during the bilateral meeting will be Ukraine, Syria, and North Korea, Trump added.

Trump's decision Tuesday to ignore his advisers' guidance and congratulate Putin adds another layer to an emerging portrait in which the U.S. president has demonstrated a reluctance to confront the Russian leader amid an ongoing investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to tilt the 2016 election in his favor. His friend, the Chinese President Xi Jinping, has more than made-up for the lacklustre global response by terming his country's partnership with Russian Federation being at the "best level in history".

Mr Trump has also previously denied reports that he was considering firing Mr Mueller. Mixed in, according to the White House, was Trump's congratulations.

With U.S. -Russian relations at a long-time low, Peskov said, "Putin remains open for normalizing relations with our American partners where it is in our interests".