John Goodman returns as Rex Tillerson

Kerry Wise
March 19, 2018

Then, we got another cameo, as there was an appearance by John Goodman as Rex Tillerson - his first in a while.

Watch Bill Hader host "Saturday Night Live" this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Global, and watch clips and full episodes of the show online here. During the sketch, host Bill Hader played Thomas Logan, the fictional "Canadian Harvey Weinstein" who resigned after making comments to his assistant like "nice sweater" and "where'd you get those sunglasses?" Goodman really had to make most of it up, including saying "The Rexy is loose" while acting like a dinosaur. This was poking fun at Scaramucci's on-the-record rant to New Yorker. "A lot of it was Seth", Hader said in an interview opposite his former castmate on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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Sessions, on the other hand, was truly happy to have outlasted Tillerson. The sketch was a long running collaboration between Hader and Fred Armisen, that was a staple during what some (me, mostly just me) consider the golden era of SNL between 2013-2014. He performed alongside Arcade Fire, who was the musical guest.

Later in the episode, Hader reprised his widely popular character of Stefon and he also did his impressions to audition for Jurassic Park.