Israeli Jets Pound Hamas Positions in Gaza After Bomb Explodes on Border

Israeli Jets Pound Hamas Positions in Gaza After Bomb Explodes on Border

Kerry Wise
March 19, 2018

Much of the Europe also saw large protests, including the UK, Germany, Macedonia, Austria and France, as well as demonstration in major United States cities.

Hamdallah's West Bank-based Palestinian Authority held Hamas responsible for the attack.

Adraee said that the Israeli military tanks destroyed a "monitoring point" of Hamas.

But an Israeli military spokesperson said in a statement that an attempt by Hamas to renew the tunnel was identified and "thwarted tonight with an engineering action, led by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Southern Command".

The second tunnel was reportedly in the process of being reopened by Hamas and was located in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Haaretz's Amos Harel says the low-level clashes along the Israel-Gaza border have become a full-blown conflict with the Gaza-based terrorist group. The other one, Conricus said, was a "subterranean complex" in the central Gaza.

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Israeli soldiers inspected his family home following Friday's attack in readiness to demolish it.

Haddad was recently released from prison after serving a 20-year term for his 1998 conviction for complicity in the murder of an Israeli in Jerusalem's Old City.

"Trump and his successors would fail to move their embassy to Jerusalem, just like their predecessors", Salah Al-Zawawi said.

Pounding drums, some 1,000 people walked in downtown Warsaw chanting "Freedom, equality, tolerance!" and carrying banners that called for a stop to conflicts like the war in Syria.

Despite tensions simmering in Gaza after a number of high profile incidents in the preceding months, the statement claims that 'the IDF does not wish to escalate the situation, but we stand ready and prepared for a variety of scenarios'.

He pointed out that these steps taken by Israel will lead to more tension and narrow the possibility of reviving the peace process established by the global community.