United faces criminal probe into dog's death in overhead cabin

United faces criminal probe into dog's death in overhead cabin

Kerry Wise
March 16, 2018

18 of the 24 animals that died on a major USA airline a year ago were in United's care, Louisiana Republican John Kennedy wrote in a letter to United President Scott Kirby.

The airline's trademark friendly skies don't seem so friendly after United latest PR disaster with the bulldog puppy.

According to ABC News, the family told the flight attendant twice that a dog was in the bag before being told to put the dog in the overhead compartment. Robledo resisted the direction but ultimately followed the flight attendant's instruction.

"I would be surprised to know that United Airlines could really get away with this notion that they didn't know an animal was on that flight or where on the flight this animal was located", said Roe.

"This pattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable", he wrote.

News reports point out that data from America's Department of Transportation shows United to be a far more risky way for pets to fly than any other carrier. "They should not be treated like insignificant cargo".

"They INSISTED that the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow".

The passenger had apparently paid $125 in order to carry the puppy in the cabin with her. Recently, the airline rolled out a training program for thousands of employees called Core4 that will encourage them to offer more compassionate service.

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The airline already prohibits pets being placed in the overhead bin or at emergency exit rows and bulkhead seats. "As we stated, we take full responsibility and are deeply sorry for this tragic accident".

"We are at the very preliminary stage of the investigation, but it definitely does make it more challenging because it is not something that happened in someone's backyard here locally or in someone's home", Cloud told KPRC.

"Eleven-year-old Sophia Ceballos told NBC News that her mother told the flight attendant "'It's a dog, it's a dog, ' and (the flight attendant) said we have to put it up there", in the bin.

By next month, United officials say they will be issuing bright yellow tags to passengers traveling with pets in carriers. The bags will be rolled out by April.

The Associated Press sent an email seeing comment Thursday on the criminal investigation to an airline spokesman.

"We were going to put him under the seat, and then the flight attendants came and she said you have to put him up there because it's going to block the path". "(The flight attendant) was like 'it doesn't matter'".

A United States family say their dog was mistakenly flown to Japan instead of to their new home city of Kansas.