MY BIG MOUTH: Can We Talk Gun Control?

MY BIG MOUTH: Can We Talk Gun Control?

Kerry Wise
March 6, 2018

The rest went to backing Donald Trump and congressional Republicans who've consistently shot down attempts by Democrats to approve gun control measures in the wake of mass shootings in the United States.

By way of return, the president used his CPAC platform to revive his "enemy of the people" attack line against the media and closed his speech by echoing the NRA mantra that the Democrats are hellbent on "taking away your second amendment".

The reader is right: We can't help ourselves. Reward the Dick's Sporting Goods of the world, and boycott the exploiters of gun violence and death.

It is too easy to get firearms in our country.

There are thought to be about 300 million guns in the USA, held by about a third of the population. A 2017 Pew Research Center study found that forty-eight per cent of white men own a gun, compared with twenty-five per cent of white women, twenty-five per cent of non-white men, and sixteen per cent of non-white women. While most seem ready to support the package, they acknowledge it fails to do anything to blunt high-powered weapons and potentially adds even more guns in schools.

In expanding gun rights across the nation, governors in Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas and Texas, signed bills to would allow people with concealed carry licenses to bring guns onto college campuses.

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The impasse speaks to troubling aspects of the American psyche.

Asked this week if "fixing the gun problem" was a priority for MI lawmakers in the wake of the Parkland shooting, Meekhof responded: "It's a safety problem, not a gun problem". "Whereas we're getting laws that we think are extremely impactful in states like Alabama and Louisiana". A broader definition would yield much higher numbers. No group should run our government or block the wants of the people. While the president's boast that he would have rushed in unarmed to tackle the gunman sparked much social media mockery; inevitably reviving the story of how Trump dodged the Vietnam war draft five times, citing curious bone spurs in his feet that subsequently didn't impair his golf swing.

Prior to his election to the Senate in 2012, Murphy was congressman for the CT district that encompasses Newtown where in December 2012, a mass shooting at an elementary school killed 20 1st-graders and six teachers and staff. Weapons designed for combat should be restricted to the military in combat zones, not made available to students in Virginia and Florida. Already, some states are struggling to pass bills that would ban bump stocks, the devices that allow assault weapons to fire continuously.

Jennifer Baker, the director of public affairs for the NRA, says the analysis "is another example of when data and numbers fly in the face of logic and common sense". And that partly explains why the GOP leadership is trying to keep its head down as much as possible while waiting to see how sustained the protest movement generated by those young Americans proves to be, along with how long-lasting this week's opinion poll results turn out to be and how many more USA corporate giants continue to sever their links with the NRA.

We can not and should not accept tactics by the NRA that blame media or justify tragedies as abstractions. Forty-one per cent of whites with a bachelor's degree are gun owners, versus twenty-six per cent of whites with a more advanced degree. They expect citizens to feel numb and powerless. Small changes to gun control laws could save lives.

It is common knowledge that the National Rifle Association, which has never been open to any drastic changes in laws that would make it more hard to own assault weapons, is not quite ready to shift its posture when it comes to gun control. Gun owners are far more likely to live in rural areas. But at least he is listening to the students. Intransigence can no longer be accepted as an option.