Former recruiter sues Google, says white and Asian candidates were 'purged'

Former recruiter sues Google, says white and Asian candidates were 'purged'

Lindsey Duncan
March 3, 2018

A former, white Google employee filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging the tech giant stopped hiring white and Asian men for certain technical positions.

Arne Wilberg, 40, claims that he and other recruiters were ordered to cancel interviews with any job applicants who were not women, black, or Hispanic, and to "purge entirely" any applicants who did not fall into any of those categories, the Wall Street Journal reports.

As the The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, a lawsuit filed in January by former YouTube recruiter Arne Wilberg alleges that he was sacked for resisting what he calls illegal and discriminatory efforts to diversify Google's workforce.

In a statement, Google said that it would "vigorously defend this lawsuit", adding that it has a "clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity".

After Damore was terminated, he and another white engineer filed a discrimination lawsuit against his former employer.

The National Labor Relations Board's general counsel would later rule that Google had not violated the law when it fired him, causing Damore to withdraw the complaint he filed with the agency.

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The complaint cited Google policy documents from 2017 that demand diversity in hiring goals. He also alleged that late a year ago, management deleted emails and other digital records of diversity requirements. Ever since, it has faced mounting pressure to improve diversity at workplace, and leave Asian and White male candidates behind.

Wilberg's suit, filed January 29, states that he worked for seven years at Google, including time on the team for tech staffing at YouTube, the company's video-streaming unit.

The company also "had a practice of systematically discriminating against older engineers in its hiring practices", according to the suit.

Wilberg is not the only white male tech employee who has publicly bashed Google's penchant to diversify.

Arne Wilberg worked at Google and YouTube as a recruiter, contractor, and full-time employee for almost a decade.

These lawsuits come amid the rising debate over the efforts from the technology firms to raise the dismal numbers of women, African Americans and Hispanics in the workforce. They then mentioned that Google's racial and gender preferences in hiring were not up for debate, because this was morally and economically the best thing to do for Google.