New charges for California couple in the abuse of their 13 kids

New charges for California couple in the abuse of their 13 kids

Kerry Wise
February 25, 2018

David and Louise Turpin were arrested last month after one of the kids escaped and alerted police.

Prosecutors allege Louise assaulted one of the couple's daughters on or after January 15, 2015, by a means "likely to produce great bodily injury".

The next court hearing is set for March 23 with a May 14 start date for the preliminary hearing but David Turpin's attorney, David Macher, noted that there is "a lot of evidence" so the preliminary hearing will likely be postponed.

Each parent is held on £7million bail and faces 94 years to life in prison if convicted on 37 charges, including torture, child abuse and false imprisonment.

Ms Turpin, dressed in a blouse and blazer, looked intently at more than a dozen reporters in the courtroom.

"Understanding they do have rights and they do have a voice".

Louise and David Turpin were arrested in the torture and child endangerment case in Perris, Calif.

In court, David's defense lawyer David Macher expressed concern he might not be ready by mid-May to cross-examine the witnesses called by prosecutors for the preliminary hearing.

"They didn't say a word", Perkins told the Press-Enterprise.

Law enforcement officials said they searched the Turpin home and found "several children shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings".

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The Turpin parents were scheduled for a court appearance on February 23. Officers initially thought all of the siblings were minors due to their small size.

Some of the adult children have also learned to play the guitar.

Authorities said the abuse was so sustained that the children's growth was stunted.

The six younger kids have been split up between foster homes.

Osborn shared that hospital staff at the Corona Medical Center, where the adult siblings are recovering, took it upon themselves to convert a part of the hospital to make it more comfortable for them.

"They talk about how warm and loving these kids are and so appreciative", said Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel, who works closely with the siblings' nurses.

"It was the first time they saw it", Spiegel told The News, referring to the Potter movies. She told dispatchers her 12 brothers and sisters were in need of help, and when deputies arrived, she presented them with photographs documenting conditions inside the residence, the captain said. They're embracing the relationships they're developing with their (caregivers).

Amy's mother, Sandra Martinez, said she was stunned over the ordeal, but was glad Amy's rescuer, who preferred to remain unnamed, "was there at the right time and the right spot". "They're beginning to prosper".

"Our clients are doing very well in their recovery".