'Largest brain tumour' removed in India

'Largest brain tumour' removed in India

Ronald Pratt
February 23, 2018

The tumor weighed 1.873 kgs which is the largest weight of a brain tumor to be excised successfully in the world.

It may have been the largest tumor in the world.

But the procedure was not made public as doctors were not sure until now if it had been successful. Surgeons "had to cut through the bone", Nadkarni said.

"The surgery was challenging because of the sheer size of the tumour and because there were huge arteries going into the tumour".

The tumor had been growing on Pal for the past three years but it grew rapidly over the past year. The patient Santlal Pal is a daily wage labourer who earns around just Rs.9000 a month. "He feels relieved of 'a large burden on his head".

His wife told the Hindu newspaper that they had been told by doctors at three different hospitals in Uttar Pradesh that the tumour was inoperable. But that 10 percent put pressure on Pal's brain, damaging his vision; it could have led to further problems, including paralysis and neurological damage, the doctors told The Hindu.

Surgeons at Nair Hospital took it on.

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"Now it's a matter of recovery but he's out of danger", Dr Trimurti Nadkarni, chief of neurosurgery, told the BBC.

Stemming from within the brain, the tumor protruded the skull and continued growth on the man's scalp. He hopes that he would gradually regain his eyesight. Manju said, "We are praying that he regains his vision". The patient was kept in an ICU for three days following the surgery and the happy news is that the said tumour hasn't affected the brain. "The part of the tumor within the skull was removed by making an opening in the skull".

In some cases, tumors are small and easy to separate from surrounding brain tissue, which makes complete surgical removal possible.

For now, the medical professionals are uncertain what kind of tumor it was; samples have been sent away for testing to determine if the growth was malignant (cancerous) or benign.

Santlal Pal, flanked by a relative and a surgeon after the brain tumor was removed.


The doctors at Nair Hospital advised the couple on the risks of the surgery.