Omarosa compares TV backstabbing to White House in Celebrity Big Brother

Omarosa compares TV backstabbing to White House in Celebrity Big Brother

Darren Sullivan
February 9, 2018

Former senior White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman thinks Americans should be anxious about President Donald Trump.

Mathews seems to understand her thinking, but things get dark when he asks her if the American people should be really anxious about the Trump administration. "She had limited contact with the president while here, she has no contact now".

Celebrity Big Brother - please use air quotes as you see fit - premiered on Wednesday night and narrowly scored a demo victory for CBS.

Asked whether she did anything to curb all the president's unpredictable tweets, Manigault Newman explains: "I tried to be that person, and then all of the people around him attacked me". "When I was accepting a political appointment, it was always about the country".

She whispered to Matthews, "I was haunted by tweets every single day, like what is he gonna tweet next?"

"Like, what is he going to tweet next?" she says.

The Trump administration pushed back against Newman's latest comments at the White House press briefing on Thursday.

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She formed a close relationship with Trump and created a dating show called "The Ultimate Merger" with him in 2020.

Newman appeared with Trump on the reality show "The Apprentice" in 2004, and joined his administration when he became president as communications director for the Office of Public Liaison.

"I'm not there. It's not my, it's not my circus, not my monkeys. Whenever was it that", she told him. John Kelly and I sat down in the Situation Room, which is a very secure, very quiet room in the White house and we had a very candid conversation... But Gillian Anderson has said she is done with "The X-Files", which pulled in just 3.7 million.

Matthews asks Newman, "Should we be anxious?"

But Newman seemed to imply that her time in the White House would aid her in her desire to win the grand prize of $250,000.

And... from the outside, can I tell you as a voter, a citizen, I never got it.

Celebrity Big Brother premiered on February 7, and Omarosa Manigault is already proving to be a major threat. "I'm pretty sure that the world doesn't know that I am a "Big Brother" superfan", the 44-year-old star said.