Easy methods to use Amazon Alexa to ship SMS textual content messages

Easy methods to use Amazon Alexa to ship SMS textual content messages

Lindsey Duncan
February 1, 2018

To send someone a message, just tell Alexa to "send a text message" to whoever you have in mind. The new service will let people use their Alexa-enabled devices to send a message to anyone in their contacts list, as long as you have an Android-powered device.

Head to the Conversations section of the Alexa app on your Android device to get everything set up. From there, you go to Contacts My Profile Send SMS.

Alexa sends the SMS using their mobile phone, which means that carrier charges may apply. According to Amazon, Alexa will follow the best way to send the message.

Amazon has been constantly adding new features to its Alexa devices. Amazon is likely hoping the exposure will help it maintain strong Echo sales and fend off competition from Google and Apple. It is expected that all three accents would be available to U.S. users in the near future.

These are real text messages sent through your Android phone to other phones (doesn't matter what type) and not messages sent through the Alexa app.

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We've really no idea what Amazon has up its sleeve, but the ad seems to suggest it's about to roll out a bunch of Alexa alternatives for its range of Echo speakers.

However, there is a catch: Messaging through Alexa is now only available for Android users in the US.

Keep in mind that asking Alexa to "send a message" will not send a SMS.

Alexa has been able to send messages since past year, VentureBeat notes, but not via SMS.

The full Super Bowl ad shows Amazon relying on a number of backup voices when Alexa loses her own. You could use your Echo speaker to make phone calls to phone numbers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.