'Serial Stowaway' woman arrested again at Chicago airport

'Serial Stowaway' woman arrested again at Chicago airport

Troy Powers
January 31, 2018

A serial female stowaway identified as Marilyn Hartman, 60, was arrested by security operatives at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, USA for trespassing airport premises despite being ordered to stay away. After spending approximately 24 hours in the worldwide terminal, the 66-year-old Grayslake woman successfully boarded a British Airways flight without a boarding pass by blending in with the passengers, a police spokesman said.

Marilyn Hartman, 66, of IL was caught by authorities Sunday morning in O'Hare - the week after a judge ordered her to avoid airports.

Marilyn Hartman, 66, has a history of sneaking aboard planes. Her Sunday arrest was a violation of her bond. She'll remain in custody until her next court date on January 31. She was charged with a misdemeanor criminal trespass and is expected to appear in court later Sunday.

Hartman was arrested earlier this month after police say she slipped past a security checkpoint at O'Hare and boarded a flight without a ticket or boarding pass. She managed to flee before police could arrive, but was spotted again a short time later in Terminal 3, where she was taken into custody.

She has been ordered to stay away from Los Angeles International airport.

On January 18 a Cook County judge banned her from entering both Chicago airports.

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In 2014 she was arrested at LAX for successfully boarding a flight to Mineta San Jose Airport in California with no ticket.

According to NBC5, police thought Hartman was able to get on the plane by mixing in with a large group.

But just three days later she was up to her old tricks again close to an area of the airport which serves private aviation traffic.

Hartman is due back in court on Wednesday.

At the time she was sentenced to jail, Hartman had been living at a mental health facility on the Near North Side before violating the terms of her conviction by leaving the facility and going to O'Hare.

Hartman has been detained several times across the country for trying to board flights without a boarding pass. That trip also led to charges for violating probation after she was charged in attempts to sneak onto planes at O'Hare and Midway on consecutive days in July 2015.