Toronto police to provide update on Bruce McArthur investigation

Toronto police to provide update on Bruce McArthur investigation

Kerry Wise
January 30, 2018

Toronto investigators have charged Bruce McArthur with three additional counts of first-degree murder, and say more charges may be pending as they search large planters around the city for human remains.

Bruce McArthur, 66, was charged with three additional counts of first-degree murder on Monday in Toronto, where the search continued for additional bodies on over 30 sites that McArthur worked on as a landscaper.

Kayhan was one of the three men whose disappearance from the Church-Wellesley Village was investigated by police during Project Houston in 2012.

A woman who lives in a lowrise apartment building beside the house where the remains were recovered said McArthur was house-sitting for the owner and was often seen gardening or laying out plants in the driveway. The remains behind the Mallory Crescent home had been dismembered, Detective Sergeant Hank Idsinga told reporters. Here is a glance at the alleged victims.

"He's an alleged serial killer and he's taken some steps to cover his tracks and we have to uncover these victims and identify these victims and hopefully get some closing news to the families of those victims".

McArthur is accused of killing Selim Esen, Andrew Kinsman, Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Marmudi and Dean Lisowick. "(But the investigation) certainly encompasses more than the gay community.

The third new victim, Lisowick, was an occupant of the shelter system who had not been reported missing.

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At McArthur's first court appearance, Alphonso King - who knew Kinsman through volunteer work - described his late friend as "very well-known in the activist community".

McArthur had sexual relationships with both Esen and Kinsman, and all three were on dating apps, police have said. He was never reported missing, but police say they believe he was murdered between May 2016 and July 2017.

Over a dozen planters have since been seized from addresses around the city.

"No evidence was found which would classify anyone as a suspect in any criminal offence relating to the disappearances", Idsinga said of that investigation Monday. They also said it is safe to say that McArthur can now be referred to as a "serial killer".

June 26, 2017 - Andrew Kinsman, 49, is reported missing from the area of Parliament and Winchester streets.

Anyone who owns property that McArthur worked on as a landscaper is urged to contact investigators at 416-808-2021.