Annual survey created to identify needs of homeless community

Annual survey created to identify needs of homeless community

Kerry Wise
January 26, 2018

Kentucky's homeless count includes the tenth highest level of unaccompanied homeless youths accounted for within our Balance of State Continuum of Care (CoC) - a category that excludes CoCs of major cities and smaller cities or regional CoCs.

The annual U.S. Housing and Urban Development homeless point-in-time count is taking place this morning.

She said each county is handling a survey of the local homeless population.

Twelve people in the Fox Cities were found sleeping outdoors as part of a count to identify the level of housing insecurity in the area.

"It's hard because it's a visual count, and you're driving, you're not walking, and a lot of people are well hidden", said Bridge to Home Director of Programs Chris Najarro.

Other cities throughout the state will also participate in the Homeless Count event throughout the upcoming week. "Depending on how many homeless you have in your community, the more funds that become available to our community, so that we could help service them". Experts estimate a community's annual population of people experiencing homelessness is about four or five times larger than its one-night findings, which means up to 6,840 people were likely experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City previous year.

Annual Count Of Homeless Takes Place Countywide

One January day each year, volunteers fan out for a Point-in-Time count of Kentuckians who are living on the streets, in emergency shelters and other temporary housing programs.

The Point-in-Time survey is coordinated statewide in New Jersey by the nonprofit housing organization Monarch Housing Associates.

The number of couch homeless is uncertain, but the Oklahoma City Public School District had 5,475 homeless children enrolled in 2016-17 school year, 80 percent of whom were couch homeless, according to The Homeless Alliance.

The annual Homeless Street Count is an effort hosted by Coalition for the Homeless, Centerstone and other homeless service providers. Attendees were also able to connect with nonprofits and services who could further help them individually. A total of 43 persons in 43 households were identified as chronically homeless.

"This directly impacts the decisions that we as a community need to make, when working to find solutions". "What works best is when you walk with them side by side".

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