IPhone battery explodes in China after man bites it

IPhone battery explodes in China after man bites it

Lindsey Duncan
January 25, 2018

Reportedly, the man was visiting the store seeking a replacement iPhone battery and wanted to test if the one available was authentic. Now, the sources reports are claiming that iPhone's battery exploded which is taking the Internet by storm. It is believed that this man bit the iPhone's battery to check its quality, a common myth. The battery explodes. You're probably thinking that this can't be real.

It was reported that the new Apple phone’s batteries were manufactured by Amperex Technology Limited, the same supplier for the faulty Galaxy Note 7 batteries that were later taken off from the market by Samsung.

A man, for some reason, made a decision to bite a smartphone battery this past Friday. Just before we get into the details, let us warn you that "Don't bite your iPhone battery". Security camera footage captured on January 19 at a store in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, shows the unidentified man biting into the iPhone battery, to check its authenticity. The battery then ruptures, causing a small explosion, a flash of light and smoke.

Taiwan News said nobody was injured, which is fortunate considering the battery went from being in a man's mouth to exploding in a second or less. He can be seen biting the battery, which later exploded on his face.

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Biting a battery is definitely not a way to test its authenticity.

The incident happened at an electronics store at an unspecified location in China.

As a show of good faith, Apple is offering cheap battery replacements to all users with compatible handsets, but is now experiencing stock shortages.

iPhone has been offering to replace the older batteries with new ones at just $29 instead of the usual $79.