Embarrassing Instagram update broadcasts when you have been online

Embarrassing Instagram update broadcasts when you have been online

Kerry Wise
January 22, 2018

Turning off the Show Activity Status will let Instagram users to maintain their last seen privacy.

The app was last updated on January 16, but the recent feature showed up on Thursday. Now Instagram has joined the bandwagon with a similar feature, called Activity Status.

Fortunately, even with the test, Instagram is allowing you to hide your last seen. Or maybe you just don't want your Instagram followers to know when you're online because it's no one else's business.

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Scroll down to "Show Activity Status". You can access Direct by swiping right on the homepage and the list of friends who have been chatting with you in past will show on the next page. Luckily, if you're not a fan, there is a way to disable the feature.

Inside the settings menu there's a toggle for "Show Activity Status".

Prior to this, another way of seeing the activity status of the people you follow was available on the notification section under the heart icon. This would be an interesting feature if it is in real. In good news for the latter camp, the app has provided for an easy way to opt out of the feature. According to sources, this new Type feature will allow users to select the background, fonts and more while adding new texts to the stories. Instagram now notifies users of a screenshot only if the image or video is sent on Instagram Direct. The same feature can be seen on Facebook's app on Android and iOS platforms. One can choose to toggle it off, but, doing so will also disable activity status for other users. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with the new feature. Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. For more updates, stay tuned with us!