Broken Windows Reported On 5 Tech Buses While On I-280

Broken Windows Reported On 5 Tech Buses While On I-280

Troy Powers
January 20, 2018

Someone is shooting out the windows of buses that take Apple employees to work, though the buses are not marked with the logos of the companies that hired them.

The union representing shuttle drivers who drove two of the Apple buses struck Tuesday, Teamsters Local 853, described the incidents as a "pellet gun attack" in a statement.

At least four shuttles have been attacked between 12-16 January.

The buses typically do not bear names of companies, but acronyms for destinations that appear on the vehicle's digital banners can indicate to which tech campus they travel.

"We know it's not a high-powered rifle or anything like that", Montiel said. Anything thrown or shot at a bus with enough force to break its windows is a safety concern that puts passengers at risk of serious injury.

Apple is rerouting some of its shuttles due to recent incidents that led to shattered windows. "This change in routes could mean an additional 30-45 minutes of commute time in each direction for some riders", the tech giant said in e-mail, seen by Mashable.

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The email, which was obtained by Mashable, went on to say that Apple is "working closely with law enforcement to investigate these incidents".

"[We're] taking the precaution of re-routing shuttles as we hear of any incidents", Google wrote an in an internal email, according to Mashable. One incident reportedly happened outside Los Altos Hills, while another took place near the town of Woodside.

"So there's no indication that they're being targeted", Montiel said.

While the exact method by which the buses are being attacked remains unclear, that fact that real damage has been done is not.

Protesters in San Francisco, where tax incentives have lured Twitter, Yelp, Spotify and other tech firms, have previously targeted shuttle buses ferrying employees to and from Silicon Valley, saying technology workers were driving up rents and increasing the income divide.

The Redwood City CHP is now working with Apple and Google to identify the sources of the past week's attacks. We have reached out to Apple for comment.