Meteor lights up night time sky, rattles MI with 'loud increase'

Meteor lights up night time sky, rattles MI with 'loud increase'

Kerry Wise
January 18, 2018

Residents of the metropolitan Detroit area reported seeing a bright light and what sounded like thunder at around 8.08pm on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the US Geological Survey registered the rock's violent disintegration as a small natural disaster (magnitude 2.0, which is typically not perceptible) centered a bit north of Detroit.

If you happen to find a piece of the meteorite in metro Detroit, you could be in for a real prize, with some going for up to $1 million a pound.

The seismic observations associated with the meteor were assigned a magnitude 2.0 by the United States Geological Survey, which said the event was centered about five miles west-southwest of New Haven, Michigan, some 40 miles northeast of Detroit.

The meteor lights up the sky near Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, January 17. A tweeter user wrote, "Freaky bright flash in the sky...must be a meteor".

"It exploded definitely over southeastern MI".

It said: 'Multiple sources report that a fireball meteor was seen over the county earlier this evening. Some people reported seeing what looked like a fireball hearing a loud boom. And once again, the value of a dashcam has been proven as motorists, among other inadvertent videographers, captured images of the meteor that exploded in the skies over MI on Tuesday night.

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The meteor sighting lit up social media.

It made the ground shake, locals say, and NASA has confirmed the terrifying object was a meteor.

The meteor would not have landed intact, Cooke said, but rather tiny pieces weighing only a few ounces would have scattered over the area.

Mr. Mak and Mr. Beatty said it's likely meteorites reached the ground Tuesday in MI. For comparison, the very large Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over western Russian in February 2013, causing property damage and injuries, was about 20 meters across and was moving at more than 40,000 miles per hour.

The preliminary consensus seems to be it was a meteor entering the atmosphere.

An hour later, the weather service confirmed on Twitter that the flash and boom were not thunder or lightning, "but instead likely a meteor".