National Football League announced 2018 London games and some American fans aren't thrilled

National Football League announced 2018 London games and some American fans aren't thrilled

Javier Howell
January 12, 2018

The Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars are the other four teams to play a game in London next season.

The Seahawks-Raiders matchup is set in stone with an Oct. 14 date, and the Eagles-Jaguars game will be either Oct. 21 or Oct. 28. The full National Football League schedule with dates and times is typically released in April. This year will feature three games in the United Kingdom at three separate stadiums: Wembley, Twickenham and Tottenham Hotspur. There's the potential of playing in Mexico City, either against the Rams or Chargers, who are awaiting the construction of their joint stadium in Inglewood, Calif. that's scheduled to open for the 2020 season.

The league is now more than a decade into playing regular-season games in London after kicking off the series in 2007.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell added: "We continue to be very excited by the growth of the NFL in the UK".

The Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, and the Houston Texans are the only teams that have not played in London.

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This marks the second time that the Chargers will play in London. The full schedule will be released in the spring.

This will be the Chargers' sixth game played overseas in franchise history and second to occur in the regular season.

The NFL released its 2018 London games, which feature the Titans vs. the Los Angeles Chargers on either October 21 or October 28 at Wembley Stadium.

The Jaguars are the staple of London, having played there for five conseuctive years. "We will play an additional game at Tottenham in a future season, over and above the planned two per year, to make up for this".

Teams don't like giving up home games, but the ones that are most vulnerable are the ones that have trouble selling tickets.