Trump refuses to commit to Mueller interview for Russian Federation probe

Trump refuses to commit to Mueller interview for Russian Federation probe

Kerry Wise
January 11, 2018

President Donald Trump said Wednesday it "seems unlikely" that he'll have to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding the ongoing investigation into allegations that Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation during the 2016 election, repeatedly adding that there was "no collusion".

Referencing an article in the Washington Post this week suggesting that Mueller would likely seek to question Trump in the coming weeks, Fox News' John Roberts asked the president Wednesday if he would be open to meeting with the special counsel and, if so, whether he would set conditions for the interview.

The episode is known to special counsel and his team of prosecutors and is likely of interest to them as they look into whether Trump's actions as president, including the May firing of FBI director James Comey, amount to improper efforts to obstruct the Russian Federation investigation.

Speaking with host Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC regular Jason Johnson said that it was unlikely that Mueller would be Trump's chief interrogator and that he would turn it over to the professionals. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and a lower-level foreign policy adviser to the campaign have pleaded guilty to lying to Mueller's investigators and agreed to cooperate with the ongoing probe.

As the White House has been increasingly cooperating with Mr Mueller's investigative team, there has been mounting anxiety - and disagreement - about how to respond to the prosecutor's demands.

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Sources familiar with the matter previously told NBC News that Trump's legal team was preparing for the possibility off an interview with Mueller's team, including written responses to questions in lieu of a formal sit-down. But the president's team could also be hoping to avoid an interview altogether.

Appearing before Mueller would pose legal and political risks for Trump, who has often claimed that he is not personally under investigation.

Q&A Who is running the Trump-Russia investigations? But once Trump fired Comey two months later, Rosenstein appointed Mueller, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, to run the probe and to report to him.

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