Steyer won't run in 2018, but leaves door open for 2020

Steyer won't run in 2018, but leaves door open for 2020

Kerry Wise
January 9, 2018

The $30 million will be used to mobilize young voters in 10 key states: Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire and Arizona, Steyer said.

Many observers predicted that Steyer would run either for governor of California in 2018 or for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Dianne Feinstein (D), but in a Monday interview, Steyer said, "I'm not going to run for anything".

The activist and environmentalist, who made his fortune as a hedge fund manager, said he had another main goal. "They have got to be the most powerful force in our politics", Steyer said. Dianne Feinstein as she seeks a fifth full term in the Senate.

In the last five years, Steyer has turned his attention to environmental and political issues.

"I am willing to do whatever it takes to help save our country", Steyer said.

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Steyer's investment is an extension of the work his nonprofit, NextGen America, has done organizing on college campuses and online since 2014.

His campaign will go after notable Republicans such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Rep. "This tide will wash away the stain of the Trump administration and it will not recede until America lives up to its founding creed", Steyer said. He said Monday that he expects to spend at least another $20 million on the effort.

He also promised to "redouble" his impeachment campaign against President Donald Trump, though he refused to put a dollar figure on how much he would spend this year on that front.

His ultimate goal is to have Trump removed from office.

In a statement released after the press conference, Need to Impeach said its "digital army will be central to an unprecedented engagement effort targeting Democratic and Republican members of Congress who have so far failed to support removing Trump from office". I've said all along, the question I always ask is: "'Where can I make the most differential impact?' And when I look at the jobs I can run for in California, they all have reputable Democrats running for them already". "We know that the so-called pundits argue that we have to choose between talking about impeachment and talking about policy". "We believe this is a false choice - the fact is the two are fundamentally intertwined".