Obama tops Trump as most admired, Gallup poll of Americans finds

Obama tops Trump as most admired, Gallup poll of Americans finds

Kerry Wise
December 28, 2017

Obama is only the second former president to win the "most admired" title, along with Dwight Eisenhower in 1967 and 1968.

Donald Trump may be the current president, but in terms of who Americans most admire, his predecessor and the person he beat in the 2016 election top the list.

ESOBarack Obama topped the list of most admired men in the US according to the annual Gallup poll, with President Trump coming in second, the first time since 2008 the incumbent president didn't top the list.

Seventeen per cent of the Americans who polled said Obama was the man they admired most, down from 22 per cent past year.

Michelle Obama retained her second-place finish-the second in a row for the former first lady. That's according to a new Gallup poll released Wednesday.

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However, Obama comes in second place with 10 wins and won the title of the most admired man all eight years of his presidency.

Gallup said about one-quarter of respondents could not name a man or woman they admire most, roughly similar to last year's share who offered no opinion in response to the question. Trump was second with 14 percent followed by Pope Francis with three per cent. Nine percent named a relative or friend as their most admired man and 13% did so for their most admired woman.

Gallup, however, offered that Clinton's time at the top of the "most admired" list may be running out. Clinton won the title this year in the same poll she registered a personal low favorable rating.

Still, it's the 22nd time Clinton's been rated the most admired woman - more than any other man or woman ever on the list. "However, retaining that stature may be more challenging in coming years with her political career likely over", the poll stated online.

The results are based on telephone interviews conducted between December 4-11 with 1,049 adults nationwide.