United Nations slaps tougher sanctions on North Korea over missile test

United Nations slaps tougher sanctions on North Korea over missile test

Kerry Wise
December 26, 2017

"In the current situation, North Korea will continue with its policy of pushing forward its nuclear development programme", he said. The U.N.'s top envoy to North Korea, Jeffrey Feltman, said this month that he was "deeply worried" about the prospects of a diplomatic solution to the crisis after meeting officials in Pyongyang. "The case of North Korea is getting more serious with each passing day".

"If the USA wishes to live safely, it must abandon its hostile policy towards the DPRK and learn to co-exist with the country that has nuclear weapons and should wake up from its pipe dream of our country giving up nuclear weapons which we have developed and completed through all kinds of hardships", said the statement, carried by the North's official Korean Central News Agency.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley votes among other members of the United Nations Security Council to impose new sanctions on North Korea, in NY, U.S., December 22, 2017.

"Unity is not only important in favor of sanctions, but unity is also important to support a political settlement", he said. The resolution was drafted by the United States and negotiated with the North's closest ally, China.

But there are other acts of war possible, and some in the USA seem to be advocating a naval blockade of the whole of North Korea, figuring that would be one way to ensure that there's literally no trade possible.

North Korea in early September conducted its sixth ever successful nuclear missile launch and claims that the country now has a Hydrogen bomb it can place on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Exports totaled $287.84 million in November, up from $244.2 million in October.

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The resolution also demands that countries inspect ships in their territorial waters that are suspected of carrying oil and other banned products to North Korea.

Diplomats at the United Nations were also stressing the need for negotiations.

On Nov. 29, North Korea declared the completion of its "state nuclear force" following the launch of an ICBM that flew to an altitude of 4,475 kilometers, a distance regarded as more than sufficient to reach any part of the continental United States if launched on a standard angle instead of its steep "lofted" trajectory.

Ambassador Park Chull-joo, participating as an observer since South Korea is not now a member of the Security Council, said, "However narrow and bumpy it may be, the road toward peaceful denuclearization through dialogue is still open and available".

"We have taken these steps to restrict the income the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) uses to fund its prohibited nuclear and ballistic missile programs".

The self-proclaimed nuclear power - after its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile launch in late November - is also banned from exporting food products, machinery, electrical equipment, stone and wood as the United Nations seeks to cut external funding for its weapons and nuclear programmes.