Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned

Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned

Kenneth Drake
December 8, 2017

The first major addition, coming later in the week, is fifty Generation Three Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire. "The real-world weather around Trainers will impact the gameplay of Pokémon GO in a variety of ways that include changing Pokémon habitats and where they can be found, increasing Combat Power, and earning more Stardust after catching a Pokémon." . In other words, prepare to walk around with your phone out in the rain and snow. And its evolutions, the other Hoenn region starters, and 41 other Pokemon. In response to these concerns, Niantic has revealed that Pokemon trading is still in the cards, but there is still no timetable for when it will be added to the game.

However, as well as bolstering the games Pokedex with upwards of 50 new mons from the Ruby and Sapphire games - a snip of the overall 135 new Pokemon from the Hoenn region - the game will also be adding a rather significant new in-game feature.

While the addition of Gen 3 was expected, the dynamic weather system - which will begin rolling out at the end of the month - was a surprise.

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Pokemon GO might have had a very rough start, but trainers and developers have stuck with it and transformed the game into the must-play app.

Plus, Pokemon are more likely to appear during weather conditions that suit their type.

You can find out more details about the latest version of Pokemon Go over at the game's website at the link below. Of course, playing Pokemon Go in the snow or rain may not necessarily always be advisable, it is nice to know that the in-game map will now match the world your camera sees when you're playing the game. For example, you'll have a larger chance of capturing Mudkip if you go out into the rain. Not only that, but the weather conditions will also affect attacks of some Pokemon. So, get ready to explore your neighborhood in different weather.