Woman threatened for 'f*ck Trump' sticker says f*ck the sheriff too

Woman threatened for 'f*ck Trump' sticker says f*ck the sheriff too

Kerry Wise
November 21, 2017

The organization addressed Sheriff Nehls in a Facebook post, reminding him the law states "You can't ban speech just because it has "fuck" in it". However, when the Fort Bend motorist's truck went viral, she was coincidentally arrested on an outstanding fraud charge on Thursday, reported KPRC.

The resident of Fort Bend County, Texas, has since been released on a $1,500 bond.

"F*** TRUMP AND F*** YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM" reads the decal in bold white letters.

Karen Fonseca, the owner of a profane anti-trump bumper sticker, is threatening a civil rights lawsuit against Fort Bend County after she was arrested.

On Monday, Fonseca stood alongside her family and attorney, telling reporters that her sticker had been on the truck for 11 months but had only come to the broader public's attention when the sheriff posted a picture of it on Facebook.

He asked for tips on the identity of the truck's owner and said he would "like to discuss it" with the owner. The message was placed right next to her existing decal criticizing President Trump.

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In the post, Nehls said he had consulted with prosecutors and the driver would be hit with charges for disorderly conduct if a modification wasn't made.

The sheriff's Facebook post sparked an intense discussion among commenters, with a number of them suggesting the First Amendment protected the phrase.

Fonseca said she realized some people would be upset or even offended by her display, but she still thought the sheriff was wrong to publicly "put me on blast". Fonseca's husband, Mike Fonseca, said she was arrested at their home in Stafford in front of her 6-year-old daughter and he questioned the timing. The indictment charges that Fonseca "pursuant to one scheme and continuing course of conduct, did, unlawfully and with the intent to harm or defraud another, obtain and or possess and or transfer and or use the identifying information of [name removed]".

Although the district attorney has said Fonseca won't face criminal charges, she said she's received nationwide notoriety and that her children and other relatives have been verbally attacked online and at school - all because she did something that is protected by the Constitution.

On Monday, Fonseca said she won't remove the profane anti-Trump display. She celebrated her freedom in the most epic way imaginable - by trolling the sheriff with a sassy AF decal for her truck.