Tesla sets sights on freight emissions with new electric truck

Tesla sets sights on freight emissions with new electric truck

Troy Powers
November 18, 2017

Tesla Semi production will begin in 2019 and the new Roadster will be available in 2020. On the one hand, the Tesla Semi is shaping up to be the hot-rod of trucks, with a 0-60 miles per hour time of 20 seconds even when at maximum 80,000 pound load.

Tesla hasn't released any details about the semi.

Tesla also showed a second, smaller truck model they described as a "pickup".

Daniel Sparks owns shares of Apple and Tesla.

So it's not clear how far away your Tesla truck must be from a nuclear explosion itself to survive, but presumably if you're too close, you're not going to be worrying about it for too long.

The Roadster has three motors (one in the front; two in the rear) and is capable of going 0-60mph in a stunning 1.9 seconds, with a top speed of over 250mph (402kph) and 620 mile range (998km or over 1000km as Musk puts it) at highway speeds.

Furthermore, Tesla says that a lot of components on the Semi have been shared with the Model 3, to achieve higher economies of scale.

In his presentation, Musk said the cost of operating an electric tractor-trailer would be $1.26 per mile, compared with $1.51 per mile in a diesel truck.

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Of course, with Tesla being right in the middle of "production hell" with its Model 3, it was no surprise that customers will have to wait to get their hands on these vehicles. And so is a startup called Nikola Motor, which just so happens to be the first name of the famed inventor that Tesla is named after.

Only after talking about the truck's speed did Musk mention its range. "It's just big. It's super-easy to drive".

Musk said Tesla will guarantee the big rigs will not break down for a million miles because they have will have multiple motors.

"I think the electrification of large trucks makes sense", Wheaton said in a statement shared with Newsweek.

Automotive News quoted Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Kelley Blue Book, as saying that "Elon's showmanship remains intact".

And in case the semi truck wasn't enough to grab your interest, Musk also ended the presentation with the debut of the new Roadster. These are just concept vehicles, really, but it's Tesla, and nothing is really ever as it seems.

"The specs on the new semi truck and sports auto would put both vehicles at the top of their segments ... assuming they can be produced and sold as part of a sustainable business plan", Brauer told Automotive News. "A more appropriate target for the electric-vehicle maker would be the short-haul, or so-called last-mile delivery, which would benefit from regenerative braking, low noise and emission-free EV motoring". Regulations require commercial trucks to be sidelined if their windshields are cracked in a way that could affect the driver's view.