Iranian Foreign Ministry rejects Macron's call for missile talks

Iranian Foreign Ministry rejects Macron's call for missile talks

Kerry Wise
November 13, 2017

"There are negotiations we need to start on Iran's ballistic missiles", Macron said.

According to Mehr, the Iranian diplomat made the remarks after French President Emmanuel Macron took anti-Iran positions during his visits to Persian Gulf states of UAE and Saudi Kingdom.

"France is ... completely aware of our country's stance that Iran's defensive affairs are not negotiable", he added.

Iran has repeatedly told French officials that the agreement is "not renegotiable and Iran doesn't allow the other sides to annex other issues to it", Qassemi stated. Washington has also called for the United Nations to hold Tehran accountable for violating two United Nations security Council resolutions.

Saudi Arabia and its allies accuse Iran of supplying missiles and other weapons to the Houthis, saying the arms were not present in Yemen before conflict broke out there in 2015.

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Qassemi said the French president and officials know very well that leveling such accusations against Iran is not in conformity with the realities on the ground in the Middle East in recent decades.

Tehran expects Paris to remain "realistic, fair and farsighted" when it comes to the sensitive developments in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf regions, Qassemi underlined.

U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to pull out of the deal, refusing to recertify that Iran is complying with its obligations and violating the "spirit" of the accord.

France has been trying to save the nuclear deal which Iran signed with six world powers - Britain, China, Germany, France, Russia and the United States. Earlier, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of "a clear act of aggression that targets neighboring countries, and threatens peace and security in the region and globally". During his visit to Dubai on Thursday, he referred to a missile which was sacked from Yemen and intercepted by Saudi Arabia earlier this month.