Arctic Blast to Bring Record-Setting Cold Starting Friday

Arctic Blast to Bring Record-Setting Cold Starting Friday

Kerry Wise
November 12, 2017

The temps were expected to plunge to 22 degrees early Saturday morning, which would shatter the mark for the record-low for November 11 of 28 degrees set in 1933.

That's today's expected high temperature.

The Arctic front sweeps in Thursday night, bringing with it the coldest air the tri-state has seen since March.

Saturday marked the second consecutive day of record-breaking cold for the Boston area.

The average temperature for the day also dethroned the previous record, measuring at 11 degrees.

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The Friday night chill was expected to give way to warmer weather over the weekend and into next week, according to the National Weather Service.

Also expected are scattered snow showers and narrow bands of lake-effect snow southeast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario into this morning, weather service forecasters said. On Friday, the city broke its previous 2004 record low temperature of 25 degrees.

He added that the normal high for this time of year is a 53 degrees, a full 18 degrees warmer than Saturday's high of 35.

Storm Team 4 says biting winds will pick up overnight and Friday will be a bitter and blustery day, with highs only reaching the mid-to-upper 30s.

Temperatures are expected to warm up to the low-50s by Monday, still remaining below average, he said. The record of zero degrees in 1936 remains intact. A little warmup on Sunday with temperatures back in the upper 40s and a chance for rain showers by Sunday evening.