Oneplus 5T: Everything we know about a possible flagship-killer from OnePlus

Oneplus 5T: Everything we know about a possible flagship-killer from OnePlus

Lindsey Duncan
November 11, 2017

Meanwhile, Pete Lau, the company's Founder and CEO responding to a Weibo comment, also revealed the OnePlus 5T will be priced under CNY 4,000 (approximately $600).

Ten lucky winners, who receive the OnePlus 5T units, are obliged to share their first impressions, best photos captured from the device and finally a full review of the device on the company's official forums for other fans. According to OnePlus, there is no reason for them to offer Wireless charging since their Dash Charge can charge faster than that.

He further argued that in case of wireless charging you have to keep your phone on the pad.

Apart from the absence of the wireless charging, the company has already confirmed that OnePlus 5T will be retaining the 3.5mm audio jack, contrary to the growing trend of removing the headphone jack in favour of USB-based audio transfer. A supposedly leaked image has also been doing the rounds on the internet, which shows the body of the Oppo R11s with the branding of the back featuring the OnePlus logo. You also need to ensure that the handset is positioned correctly - or it won't charge. They can not pick it up to surf the web or take a photo because if they do, it may stop charging. Wireless charging requires remodeling of the phone as well since wireless charging does not work well through metal, and such a revision is no cheap process.

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"Given present day infrastructures, wireless charging brings more limitations than freedom. That's why we're proud to announce that we're keeping the headphone jack for the OnePlus 5T". As pointed out by XDA, having wireless charging could benefit a lot of users by allowing them to have short but frequent intermittent charging all throughout the day.

Lau added that Dash Charge stays cools and power efficient regardless of what users are doing with their OnePlus smartphones.

"An attractive promise of wireless charging is that you can just set your phone down on a surface and charge".

The problem that Lau highlighted here is that wireless charging is restricting compared with wired charging. For the launch of OnePlus 5T in India, we wanted to try something new - something that's never been attempted before. The CEO has made it clear that in future, OnePlus may implement wireless charging "when the time is right".