Watch the incredible moment Gemma Collins freaked out meeting Stormzy

Watch the incredible moment Gemma Collins freaked out meeting Stormzy

Darren Sullivan
October 24, 2017

She shared a photograph depicting a mock National Helpline poster which showed Gemma moments before her fall.

Professor Green also called the reality TV star his "spirit animal" while Paddy McGuinness admitted her fail had "pepped me right up".

She later assured fans she was fine, sending a good-humoured tweet comparing herself to both the Queen of Pop - who had a similar experience in 2015 Brit Awards - and clumsy but lovable Bridget Jones.

Unfortunately, Gemma failed to notice the newly formed hole in the floor next to her.

Since The Fall (as it will henceforth be referred to), Collins has been quick to laugh at herself for "stacking" it on stage and going "missing" from the Teen Awards...

Thankfully, Gemma didn't suffer any serious injuries but has said she was left in "agony" following the nasty fall, which happened in front of 12,500 concert goers and was live on air.

Gemma said: "I'm not allowed to discuss that but all will be forgiven with the BBC if they give me a slot on Strictly next year".

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"The three Love Island guys were coming up on stage and I just want to apologise because I wiped them out".

Fortunately Gemma, 36, seemed okay and was able to get back up on stage with the reality stars.

Ben then suggested that the Love Islanders had saved her as she "squished them on the way in". The poor girl there almost got totally crushed.

What a hero. We love you, Gemma!

She added: "It's just one of these moments I don't think I'm ever going to live down".

Collins posted the video of the horrific incident onto her Twitter profile with the words: "Madonna done it and I done it when I tell you I'm Bridget Jones in an Essex girl it's finally confirmed best and worse moment for me".