13 original Xbox backward compatibility games available this week

13 original Xbox backward compatibility games available this week

Kenneth Drake
October 24, 2017

Original Xbox games will be playable on Xbox One from October 24, as part of the next major Backwards Compatibility update. If the Xbox One receives original Xbox games the way it does Xbox 360 games, then we should see a steady stream of titles drop frequently.

Any games which supported System Link can still be hooked up and played, even across console generations.

You can access the games by inserting the original discs and waiting for the titles to install. Additionally, you can buy them directly from the Xbox store for $9.99 United States dollars. But before Xbox fans dash off for some old-school gaming, the original Xbox titles are not showing up on the Xbox One dashboard, so are not available to play right away. Moreover, each game has been enhanced to 1080p resolution, with smoother frame-rates and much faster loading times. This has been a feature that was offered in a limited capacity with the Xbox 360 but something that is being pushed further with the Xbox One. The online multiplayer servers for original Xbox games were shut down long ago, apparently. Will you play it again? Most of these games will still run at 4:3 aspect ratio, with the exception of Ninja Gaiden Black which supports 16:9. This allows players on different Xbox consoles to play one another. We'll be joined by special guest James Ohlen, Lead Designer for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and will have giveaways, gameplay, and will be answering your questions throughout the stream.

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You can see that the leak was more or less spot on, and according to gematsu, Black has also been added to the list.

IGN had the chance to get their hands dirty with a few of these original titles on the Xbox One.