Researchers expect close holiday competition between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Researchers expect close holiday competition between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Kenneth Drake
October 20, 2017

With research indicating that when it comes to mid- generation upgrades 21.6% of purchases will be a Xbox One X, in contrast to 22.2 Percent with their eyes on a PS4 Pro.

A couple of new right-to-left languages are also available.

There is a newly designed Game Hub Welcome tab.

The Guide also has a new Tournaments section in the Multiplayer tab.

"Plus all of our previous exclusives are getting Xbox One X enhancements as well". Just unplug the drive from your current console, plug it in to your new one, and you're ready to go. PlayStation, meanwhile, is the only place you'll find games like Bloodborne, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

This is definitely a welcome change, helping users, and even parents, control the content shared on Xbox Live.

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If you have external hard drives now in use, you can just unplug them from the Xbox One and use them on the X. The update will also add a new UI to the application that sits better with the newly added dashboard which is a part of the Fall Xbox One Update.

If your internet bandwidth supports 1080p, your Xbox will automatically be switched to that setting.

Other little tweaks include the option for a light or dark overall theme, faster navigation through tabs via stick, D-pad or bumpers, and you can now attach a USB webcam for streaming (although you'll still need a headset if you want anyone to hear you). After all, the Xbox One X is over four times more powerful than the vanilla Xbox One.

Loftis also responded to fan claims that the Xbox One didn't have enough exclusives, saying that she was a little bit confused by that and continued to reel off the console's 2017 exclusives thus far. Pinned games will show their activity feeds and indicate if you have any friends playing right now.

As for less Xbox One X centric changes, perhaps the most important one is that the Games & Apps buttons is now finally front and centre.

You will also see a new Microsoft Store logo and name in the Xbox dashboard, providing you with a simpler experience when you download and buy the latest products and content from Microsoft and its partners, including hardware, games, entertainment, apps and more.