SNL depicts Conway as 'IT' luring Anderson Cooper into the sewer

SNL depicts Conway as 'IT' luring Anderson Cooper into the sewer

Darren Sullivan
October 16, 2017

Cooper then wakes up from a nightmare at his desk at the cable news network studio with McKinnon as Conway sitting beside him saying: "Thank you for booking me". One of the best sketches of the episode was Kate McKinnon as Pennywise.

Is there anything as scary as Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling killer clown from Stephen King's "It"? When "Cooper" asks what she did to her makeup, which is white with red lips and-are they red tears streaming down her face?-she deadpans, "I toned it down".

"Wait, don't go! Don't you want a quote?"

She proceeds to try and lure him into the drain first by promising Cooper that she'll use some of her outlandish quotes and then by showing the man some of his greatest fears.

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Referring to President Donald Trump's recent tweets that the USA can't keep helping the island forever, Kellyanne goes on to say Puerto Rico was in a worse state before Hurricane Maria hit and that the storm actually blew some of the buildings back together. I'll give you a quote.

"Ok So Secretary (of State Rex) Tillerson did not call the president a moron", Kellywise explains.

Kellywise has a few friends down in the sewer with her - including one of McKinnon's other main characters, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Instead, this was a brilliant parody of the way that left-wing shows thrive on outrageous quotes from people like Conway, just as right-wing shows live for hyperbolic tweets from left-wing college professors.

An officer interrupts the exchange and tells Cooper to avoid talking to Kellywise because "every day she drags someone down into that sewer". And yet - as in the skit - Cooper and Maddow are often just too tempted by the ratings draw to resist.