John Kelly Castigates Media:

John Kelly Castigates Media: "'Develop Better Sources"

Kerry Wise
October 16, 2017

"Unless things change, I'm not quitting, I'm not getting fired, and I don't think I'll fire anyone tomorrow", Kelly said. "Maybe develop some better sources".

There have been reports that Kelly is unhappy in the job as Trump's legislative agenda stalls and the president continues to picks fights with everyone from senators to National Football League players to a mayor in hurricate-hit Puerto Rico.

The former Marine Corps general replaced Reince Priebus as chief of staff in July, and had served previously as secretary of homeland security. And I'm not so frustrated in this job that I'm thinking of leaving, ' he said at the top of a rare appearance in the White House briefing room.

"I don't believe, and I just talked to the President, I don't think I'm being fired today", Kelly continued. The chief of staff had called it the most hard he'd ever done.

Days after President Trump said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was "wasting his time" trying to negotiate with North Korea, the president's chief of staff, John F. Kelly, said Thursday that diplomacy was crucial to dealing with the nuclear-armed nation.

He also said that running the USA is "really, really hard work", before quickly asserting that he does not run the country.

"The White House responded today, this is true, by saying, 'The President's mood is good and his outlook on the agenda is very positive.' Imagine, the White House has to announce that the president's mood is good", Kimmel said.

Health insurance program for thousands of Arizona kids at risk
The House Energy and Commerce Committee also said it would consider legislation to reauthorize CHIP sometime in early October. She added that other bills circling Congress , including the proposed tax cuts, don't suggest ways of paying for them.

But his 10 weeks on the job have been plagued with images of him looking forlorn amid speculation that he's frustrated and exhausted.

"I'm a reasonable guy, but when I read in the morning, and watch TV in the morning, it is astounding to me how much is misreported", said the chief of staff.

Vanity Fair, for example, reported on Wednesday that Kelly is "miserable in his job and is remaining out of a sense of duty to keep Trump from making some sort of disastrous decision", citing two Republican officials the magazine didn't name.

A couple of times he has tweeted his frustration with diplomacy and with Tillerson, though other senior advisers - including Kelly and Defense Secretary James N. Mattis - were also known to favor diplomacy.

"I was not sent in, brought into this job to control anything but the flow of information to our president", he said, adding that he restricts "no one from going in to see him".

"I don't mean any criticism of Mr. Trump's predecessors", he said.