Trump offers to compare IQ tests with Tillerson

Trump offers to compare IQ tests with Tillerson

Darren Sullivan
October 13, 2017

"No, I didn't undercut anybody".

As he signaled that it was time for the press to take their leave, a journalist asked if he remains confident in Tillerson.

"Let it be an arms race", Trump reportedly said.

President Trump, after seemingly patching things up with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson following a report that he once called the president a "moron" and considered quitting, has challenged the top diplomat to "compare IQ tests" if he indeed said that.

President had previously alluded to beating Tillerson in an intelligence test. Trump and Tillerson met in the Oval Office on Friday, sources tell CNN, and are meeting twice Tuesday as their public feud continues. His spokeswoman later said he never used such language.

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Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are scheduled to have lunch with Trump Tuesday.

Tension has been simmering between the pair for some time over North Korea, with Trump's aggressive rhetoric at odds with Tillerson's more measured approach. Tillerson also has publicly complained about the White House blocking him from making key appointments. "He has full confidence in the secretary of state".

In the Forbes interview, Mr Trump again responded to criticism that he undermines his Secretary of State by interfering with ongoing diplomatic efforts with provocative tweets.

"I'm not undermining", Trump told Forbes. "I think I'm actually strengthening authority". "I don't believe in undercutting people", he said.

"At that July 19 meeting, according to senior administration officials, Trump asked military leaders to fire the commander of us forces in Afghanistan and compared their advice to that of a NY restaurant consultant whose poor judgment cost a business valuable time and money", according to NBC's report. "But if he did that, I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests".