Swallowed Playmobil traffic cone 'in man's lung for 40 years'

Swallowed Playmobil traffic cone 'in man's lung for 40 years'

Ronald Pratt
September 29, 2017

These symptoms, along with the spread of a bacterial infection in the pockets of the lower right lung, led his team to believe that the man had a tumor, which needed prompt removal.

Scans revealed a mass on his lung that doctors suspected to be a cancerous tumor.

The man went to the doctor seeking advice about a cough he'd had for over a year.

Part of a Playmobil set he got for his seventh birthday, the cone (less than a half-inch in length) had been inhaled by the youngster, then lodged in his lung, per the Guardian.

A bronchoscopy was carried out to help doctors diagnose his condition.

Medicos therefore chose to take a look at that nasty something and found a Playmobil traffic cone in the midst of the mess.

Once doctors removed the toy cone, the cough subsided.

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The report said that the patient remembered regularly playing with Playmobil toys during his childhood. They speculate that because the man inhaled the cone so young, his airway "was able to remodel and adapt to the presence of this foreign body".

Dr Munavvar, who has spent 20 of his 30 years as a doctor at Royal Preston, said: "Usually the patient remembers they have inhaled something but in Paul's case he just didn't.

However, a case in which the onset of symptoms occurs so long after initial aspiration is unheard of in the literature", the authors wrote in the paper, noting the patient had not experienced symptoms until the previous year. Often, the children exhibit the same symptoms.

The patient had been referred to a respiratory clinic after showing symptoms of coughing and producing mucus following treatment for pneumonia.

The man made an nearly full recovery four months after the removal of the foreign body with his symptoms improving day by day, the report said.

"The doctor went in with the camera to start with, and he says 'I can see something, ' " the mail worker told the BBC, as reported by the local Manchester Evening News, "and he has little pincers on the end of his camera".