President Trump Will Visit Puerto Rico Sooner Than Most Expected

President Trump Will Visit Puerto Rico Sooner Than Most Expected

Kerry Wise
September 29, 2017

"I feel so bad for those people".

Two military officials told CNN that another 2,000 to 3,000 USA troops will be sent to Puerto Rico in the coming days to assist with aid. Because of the Jones Act, Puerto Ricans pay extra tariffs, fees, and taxes on goods imported from the US, enough to nearly double prices on imports from the mainland.

Ayala said the company can't get enough truck drivers or trucks filled up with diesel to pick up supplies for distribution across the island.

"Right now we are in emergency mode".

However, DHS officials say the current situation is having "no impact on our ability to deliver supplies" to Puerto Rico. After the devastating quake in Haiti in January 2010, the USA military sent ships, and the skies over Haiti seemed to be filled with heavy-lift helicopters and planes carrying emergency relief, though the scale of that disaster was far worse. "But we have a lot of shippers, and a lot of people - a lot of people that work in the shipping industry that don't want the Jones Act lifted".

McCain wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking to to analyze how a long-term waiver or repeal of the Jones Act would affect the nation.

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DHS officials, who declined to speak on the record, said that the Jones Act is waived "in the interest of national defense" and that the Department of Defense usually makes the recommendation based on requests from USA shipping interests.

"It's life threatening to go outside of your house", said Brian Rodriguez."There's no gas, if you have gas, there's no signal lights".

Getting the power back on is a critical need for an island with tropical heat. Now, friends and a local cattle ranch provide the water they need to survive in the tropical heat. "The real challenges happen on the island itself".

Facebook is sending employees to help restore communications in Puerto Rico after the island was battered by Hurricane Maria.

United Airlines says anyone who needs a flight from Chicago to their final destination will ride for free.

Juana Matos resident Hector Rosa walks through a flooded area after the passing of Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico, Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Even in good times, which Puerto Rico has not seen for a while, the Jones Act hurts the island territory.