Sony Announces A HomePod-Like Speaker With Built-In Google Assistant

Sony Announces A HomePod-Like Speaker With Built-In Google Assistant

Kenneth Drake
September 2, 2017

Sony will launch its smart connected speaker LF-S50G that will look like Apples HomePod but will use Google Assistant. With trusted audio brands going to the effort and expense of developing better speakers with superior sound quality, all they need do is concentrate on improving the AI assistants (which very much needs to happen) and licensing this technology out. Here are our first impressions of Sony's answer to Google Home and Apple HomePod. Only the Amazon Tap has a similarly water-resistant build. Like the Google Home, this one lets you play your favorite songs, skip to the next song, or turn up the volume just by saying "Ok Google".

Beyond that, you can do all of the great Google Home stuff, such as check traffic, listen to music, and even set remin...err, never mind, you still can't set reminders on Google Home. It includes lighting effects that synchronize to the beat, and it supports Chromecast, meaning you can control it through the Google Assistant. This may make the unit more suitable for being kept on a kitchen countertop or in a bathroom where the occasional miscue could be disastrous for normal electronics. This means you'll never have to get close to it when you have raw chicken hands. All of them will also start being available in October. Increasing or decreasing volume requires you to make a circular motion with your finger, and responded as quickly as physical volume keys when I tried it. A grey or black speaker mesh encircles the entire device while the sides have an LED clock display. Rather than have us argue about whether it should have included Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana, a document filed at the FCC suggests the upcoming speaker will support multiple virtual assistants. Google is well positioned with its search engine to collect language data on the internet and improve the performance of Google Assistant. Its new LF-S50G incorporates Google Assistant and is said to have superior sound. According to Asia Nikkei, Sony and Panasonic officially join the roster of companies that offer voice-activated speakers powered by artificial intelligence. The LINK 20 will be €199, with slightly more powerful speakers (2x10W) and five more hours of battery life.

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The inside smarts are the same, with Google listening for your command and following your instructions.