Dear Starbucks: Please Bring Your New Turmeric Latte to The United States!

Dear Starbucks: Please Bring Your New Turmeric Latte to The United States!

Troy Powers
September 2, 2017

But customers and baristas in many locations are still confused as to whether they can order or serve the drink - and they're getting angry. Starbucks has kept fans since waiting about 11am ET with a multi-hour livestream on its Facebook page that channeled April the giraffe, the zoo animal who became a pop culture phenomenon earlier this year when the zoo livestreamed her pregnancy and birth.

The signature drink, often referred to as simply "PSL", is usually released sometime in early- to mid-September, and undoubtedly to create a buzz, the official release date of the drink each year is kept secret ahead of time. We'll drink to that!

Historically, Starbucks usually releases the pumpkin spice latte around Labor Day.

The reveal of the launch date certainly hasn't been a quick one.

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Krispy Kreme has announced the return of its pumpkin spice original glazed doughnut.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a velvety cup of espresso and steamed milk, mixed with pumpkin spice flavor and topped with whipped cream, and the Pumpkin Spice Frappe is an espresso blended with pumpkin spice flavor, ice and milk, topped with whipped cream. Further adding to the confusion is the fact that the PSL is not yet available on the chain's mobile ordering app. Which is also probably why Starbucks has made so many PSL items available at grocery stores because, well, we want our fix when we want our fix! The PSL has grown a rockstar following, so it would make sense for Starbucks to offer a hint about the re-release of the seasonal drink.

Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) is preparing for Fall already.