French President Emmanuel Macron to Visit Israel in 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron to Visit Israel in 2018

Kerry Wise
September 1, 2017

French unions gave a mixed but mostly negative response to the changes, which will reduce their influence at company level, make it easier for firms to hire and fire, and will end the jobs-for-life culture that French ministers say is a brake on economic growth.

The French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT), the country's largest private labor union, is disappointed in President Emmanuel Macron's plan to revamp labor laws, which was announced to the public earlier in the day, the union's general secretary, Laurent Berger, said Thursday. "We must protect it and ensure a constructive, serene social dialogue", said Philippe at a press conference.

"All of our fears have been confirmed", said Philippe Martinez, head of the hard-left CGT union, after the government presented the decrees to unions and employers.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron said during a four-way telephone conversation that they considered unacceptable any statements undermining Ukraine's territorial integrity.

Philippe said Macron and his centrist government had been given a clear mandate by voters in France's presidential and legislative elections to reform the Code du Travail.

Edouard Philippe, the prime minister, unveiled 36 measures, to be passed in five executive orders, that will cut through the jungle of regulations contained in the notoriously dense, 3,000-page labour code.

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Far-left politician Jean-Luc Melenchon will lead his own September 23 protest rally against the reforms.

Enterprises are backing Mr Macron in the hope that he will make the French economy more competitive.

He argues the measures are needed to introduce greater flexibility in France's rigid labour law to encourage hiring.

Macron said the labor law overhaul was essential.

The Union of Local Businesses (U2P), which represents artisans and craftsmen, also said it is "fully satisfied" by the plan, which it perceives as a "strong message of hope" in favor of small ateliers and workshops.

"We are the only major economy in the European Union that hasn't been able to address high unemployment for over three decades", he said. Only 8 percent said they had "complete confidence" on this issue.