Local shelters make way for animals rescued after Harvey

Local shelters make way for animals rescued after Harvey

Kerry Wise
August 31, 2017

Jarl said tomorrow they will send another hundred animals-both dogs and cats - on a second plane out of Texas.

She says she's not sure what her official duties will be, but she's ready to clean up, feed animals, exercise dogs, set up kennels - whatever is required.

Animals from places like Georgia or Louisiana could end up coming to Milwaukee to find new homes - and this isn't the first time WHS has jumped into action during a disaster.

Relocating those homeless dogs from Texas gives them the opportunity to be adopted in other states - and allows non-homeless pets from flooded areas room to stay in the shelters, so they can stay close to home. The remaining animals will go to the Hudson Valley SPCA, Humane Society of Walden, Suruluna Animal Rescue in Pine Bush, and an animal rescue group in Vermont.

The National Weather Service says more than 40 inches of rainfall have fallen in some parts of Texas with another 20 inches possible before the storm moves on.

Hurricane Harvey relief efforts getting assist from NYPD, FDNY
These items are a necessity for the more than 24 thousand people that are staying in Texas Red Cross Shelters right now. Apple this weekend has started accepting donations via the iTunes Store for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The Alliance encourages people that truly want to help the desperate animals in the Southeast this week to choose to support the State of Texas Agricultural Relief (STAR) Fund, the American Humane Association or local organizations that are actually concerned about helping animals and rebuilding communities. While needs are still being assessed, one way to help is through direct donations. Adams is one of the volunteers. They also need toys, treats, collars and airline kennels for both dogs and cats.

What would you save from your home if a natural disaster were to strike?

Along with good samaritans, shelters, and rescue groups are also out rescuing animals that have been left behind.

Some of the animals will be met in New Jersey by the St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, and it's sister shelters around New Jersey. "So by taking adoptable animals, we're providing them space to take in animals in desperate need".