Xbox One X is Microsoft's fastest-selling Xbox pre-order

Xbox One X is Microsoft's fastest-selling Xbox pre-order

Lindsey Duncan
August 30, 2017

Although Microsoft has marketed three categories of games for quite a while now, first person shooters, third person shooters and racers, the lack of depth within their game lineup has come to the forefront with the upcoming launch of the Xbox One X. Of course, the company hasn't strayed much from their three category formula, meaning that if you wanted some awesome RPGs or action games, they just aren't there. The company is no longer selling the original console in the United States.

Any original Xbox One's that people saw in stores after this point was from previously available stocks or second-hand used trade-ins.

Speaking to Glixel, an un-named Microsoft spokesperson confirmed news surrounding the original console, 'As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S'.

However, someone should probably give whoever is in charge of checking the fine print for Xbox Live Gold in The Netherlands a slap, because thanks to a gaffe, the fine print actually says that Dutch Gold subscribers are entitled to "2 games per month on Xbox One at a value of €350 per month and 2 games per month on Xbox 360 at a value of €350 per month". The PlayStation 4 quickly zoomed ahead of Xbox One.

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Microsoft is now full steam ahead with its new system models, even going as far as to introduce a number of new Xbox One S bundles, including ones themed around Gears of War 4 (that sweet, sweet 2TB console), Battlefield 1, and, as of late, the Minecraft bundle that looks like a dream come true for some fans - although a bit disgusting for normal gamers.

And then there's the Xbox One X itself, which Microsoft will be pushing on a hardcore level starting November 7 when it officially becomes available.

The Xbox One X units were sold out within 25 minutes on Amazon and there are more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles that fans have pre-ordered in the first 5 days than any other Xbox's that have ever been released.