North Korea fires several missiles into sea

North Korea fires several missiles into sea

Kerry Wise
August 29, 2017

South Korea's defence ministry said "unidentified projectiles", fired at 6:49 am (2149 GMT Friday), flew some 250 kilometres (155 miles) towards the Sea of Japan.

"We will continue to work with our interagency partners on a more detailed assessment of this latest launch and we will provide a public update if warranted", command spokesman Cmdr.

Also on Tuesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praised Pyongyang for demonstrating "some level of restraint", noting that there had been "no missile launches or provocative acts on the part of North Korea", since the United Nations Security Council voted August 5 to impose a $1 billion sanctions package against the country. The launches occurred in the midst of the US and South Korea's annual military exercises.

At the time of the tests, North Korean state media showed leader Kim Jong Un overseeing a special forces operation which simulated strikes on South Korean islands, Ripley said.

The presidential office in Seoul said the USA and South Korean militaries will proceed with their ongoing war games "even more thoroughly" in response to the launch.

The missiles did not pose a threat to North America nor to the USA territory of Guam, said the Pacific Command.

North Korea fired three short-range missiles early Saturday off its east coast, but the launches apparently failed, military officials said.

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Analysts said the launches appeared to be a response to the ongoing joint exercises between the United States and South Korean militaries, exercises that North Korea always strongly protests because it considers them preparation for an invasion.

Ordinarily, North Korea doesn't grant CNN access inside the country when the drills take place.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said US President Donald Trump was aware of the launches.

The firings come after the United Nations agreed to impose costly economic sanctions on the country.

"Despite the recent tensions, despite the missile launches, tourism continues here", Ripley said.

"The first and third missiles... failed in flight". North Korea claimed it achieved that milestone after a nuclear test previous year.

As tensions increased this month, Kim's regime warned that it was considering launching missiles into the Pacific Ocean near the USA territory of Guam, prompting Trump's warning that the US military was "locked and loaded" and ready to retaliate.