House Speaker Paul Ryan visits Boeing plant in Everett

House Speaker Paul Ryan visits Boeing plant in Everett

Lindsey Duncan
August 28, 2017

Ryan said GOP leaders "were looking at" that option but decided against it. Ryan said it's unlikely the upper chamber will be able to process appropriations bills as quickly as the House, adding that he thinks an extended timeline will provide them the opportunity to accomplish both priorities.

Earlier in the day Ryan and Walden made an appearance at Intel in Hillsboro where they talked tax reform.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Wednesday that lawmakers aren't interested in a government shutdown in October.

"If we have to close down our government, we're building that wall", Trump said.

Ryan maintained that he doesn't need a better motivation from the Oval Office to complete the expedient and tremendous task of getting a tax bill through the House and Senate and signed by the President.

"I'm not going to get into differences on that, only to say that we recognize, acknowledge and believe you need to maintain the mortgage interest deduction, whether it can be improved in how it works - that's the discussion we'll have in an ongoing basis", Ryan said.

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Brigitte Peterson, who is a member of the Gilbert City Council, told the Times it might be premature to be critical of Trump. As Trump continued to ramble during his speech in Phoenix Tuesday night, searches on google for the 25th Amendment surged.

"I don't think a government shutdown is necessary, and I don't think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included", Ryan said.

Ryan, however, exploited the trip to highlight the essence of business and the GOP's tight connection now than ever on taxes irrespective of surfacing rifts.

Still, the analysts put the odds of a government shutdown at the beginning of October at less than 50 percent - but December is another story.

"The president was clear in the aftermath of the tragedy in Charlottesville, that we denounce bigotry and hate and violence in all of its forms", said Pence.

While this type of inflammatory political flirtation might find favor with the tea party radical right, the core of Trump's support, not raising the debt ceiling and not passing spending bills would wreak havoc with the economy and send the country into an internal and external spiral.

If the two are attached, Trump's veto threat becomes more significant, risking a partial shutdown October 1 and a debt payments default shortly thereafter.