The Rock praises little hero

The Rock praises little hero

Darren Sullivan
August 27, 2017

The scene which Jacob copied was from San Andreas in which Johnson's character tries to save his on-screen daughter using chest compressions.

"The movie just popped up in my head and I started thinking about that scene", Jacob, of Roseville, Mich., told The Washington Post.

After Jacob alerted his grandma Ellen Vial, Dylan - who was face down for about a minute - was immediately taken to the hospital.

"Wow awesome story. Giving you a Twitter Jacob for saving your little brother's life".

The 10-year-old started mimicking the actor's motions until Dylan started coughing up water.

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Dylan was rushed to the hospital and made a full recovery. From Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 2015 film San Andreas.

"We're going to fly you guys up here to Vancouver to the set of Skyscraper on my movie set, and I'm going to give you a big hug". You're a real life hero.

On the day of the incident, Jacob was in between episodes of "Lego Ninjago" with his brothers when he realized 2-year-old Dylan was gone - and the door to the backyard was wide open. "Hopefully, your little 2yr old brother, Dylan is well enough to fly because I wanna meet him too", said the father of two daughters. But somehow, the boy said, Dylan managed to open the sliding door and get in the pool. Thankfully, Jacob's efforts paid off because despite being face down on the water for nearly a minute and uncertainty as to whether or not he would make it, Dylan managed to make a full recovery and returned to his grandmother's house just a day after the incident. "We're all proud of you! DJ". He says that he "remembered it from the part in the movie where there was an natural disaster, then there was a tsunami, and the girl was drowning".

On Friday, he posted an Instagram video teasing fans who had waited until 1:15 see him, by pretending to drive away and jokingly refusing to sign autographs.