'White Male' Drives Into Vigil For Black Trans Woman Killed By Police

'White Male' Drives Into Vigil For Black Trans Woman Killed By Police

Kerry Wise
August 25, 2017

"The driver of the vehicle ... proceeded to drive away when three protesters ... fell from the vehicle".

The injured people in St. Louis were taking part in a candlelight march for Kenny "Kiwi" Herring, a black transgender woman who was shot and killed by St. Louis police on Tuesday. Police, however, say he attempted to drive around the people before they surrounded the vehicle, kicking and striking it.

Police say that protesters surrounded the vehicle and began striking it.

A spokeswoman for the police, Schron Jackson, said three people received minor injuries after jumping onto the auto before it drove away.

The witness, Keith Rose, said the driver had his middle fingers raised before he accelerated through the group of people who were blocking Manchester Avenue and Sarah Street in the Grove neighborhood.

Jackson said that the motorist was taken into custody, after initially refusing to stop for officers.

Police had responded to a call that she had stabbed a neighbor, and when they confronted her, she stabbed one of the officers and was then shot. Herring was identified as the attacker by a man who had suffered knife wounds to his arms, face, and torso.

The driver then sped away from the area as police gave chase.

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The three protesters reported minor injuries but refused medical attention, the statement continued. There is no sound in the video, but you can see the vehicle pull around the protesters and a police auto follow closely behind.

The incident happened Wednesday night on Manchester Road not far from the Transgender Memorial Garden where the vigil was held for Kiwi Herring.

A man and two women sustained minor injuries after they were hit by the accelerating auto.

The incident was captured and tweeted out via this video and group of images.

Friends said that the stabbing seemed out of character for Herring. Police found an unidentified male victim with severe lacerations when they arrived.

Officers say Herring cut an officer with a knife, but some in the community believe police acted too soon when they shot Herring.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis circuit attorney's office told TPM on Thursday that no charges had been filed yet against the driver.

"It may have been the police that put the bullet in her but let me tell you right now it was a combination of all those things that broke her down."