April the giraffe's handlers report

April the giraffe's handlers report "significant change in body shape"

Ronald Pratt
April 7, 2017

The calf, which will be the first born at Animal Adventure Park, will be about 150 pounds and 6 feet tall at birth and up and walking in about an hour.

Five days later there were signs of progress, but still no sign of April's giraffe calf.

April has been pregnant for 15 months, the normal gestation time for a giraffe.

The father's name is Oliver. And on Monday, the park announced that subscribers will also be the first to know if April's army should be knitting a pink or blue scarf for baby's long neck.

The following update was published on Animal Adventure Park's Facebook page Monday: "This morning keeper report is no interest in grain and only smelling lettuce treats". Photo in comments. She was very "with it" but then became very distracted and as Corey put it, "would have walked right through me". Thousands of fans have kept watch over live webcam footage chronicling April's every move. This evening, she was still witnessing significant calf movement on April's YouTube live stream.

"Initially, when the camera went live back in the beginning of February, it was getting some viewership", park owner Jordan Patch said.

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The park posted the following update Monday morning, noting "pushing contractions" that were observed by numerous thousands of people tuning in, waiting for the birth.

Meanwhile in New York, April has became a worldwide drawing millions of views from across the globe after falling pregnant at Harpursville's Animal Adventure Park.

"No, she isn't late; no, she isn't overdue; no, I'm not concerned she is "taking so long", nor should you be", he wrote. Patch plans to hold an online naming competition for the baby after it's born.

In response to people asking the doctor if he can induce labor, Dr. Tim said no as inducing labor is not safe for big animals like giraffes.

Animal lovers around the world are counting down to the arrival of April the giraffe's unborn baby and are probably wondering what to expect after its much-anticipated birth.

For those who can't spend endless hours staring at their computer screens, the park is offering up text alerts to anxious animal lovers.